There’s a Better Way to Meet

I help groups make better decisions in less
time by leading them through a facilitated
process designed to zoom to their desired outcome.


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It’s My Mission to Fix Meetings

I’m a facilitator.  I help you have amazing meetings where an engaged group participates in a process to achieve a goal.

I’m a unique facilitator.  I integrate years of academic research on organization decision theory into the processes I design, this keeps my groups from making blunders or rushing to a quick decision just for the sake of progress.

Click here to contact me for your complimentary Meeting Wayfinder Assessment. Going through the Wayfinder will help you clarify your goals, avoid detours and quickly launch your next meeting.

I’ve spent 20 years organizing and facilitating meetings and events of all shapes and sizes. I’ve worked with Tony-award-winning production teams, C-level executives, volunteer board members, educators, unions, data modelers, trekkies, librarians, photographers, paint sellers and sole proprietors.


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Sad Things About Meetings

Million Daily US Meetings

People Find Meetings Unproductive

Time Average Executive Spends in Meetings (Hours/Week)

Cost of A Meeting Per Hour


When you need a focused, efficient meeting that results in an actionable plan, that’s when you need me. I fix meetings.

Meeting Facilitation

Facilitate means “to make easy.” We’ll discuss your objectives for the meeting, and then I’ll do every.possible.thing to lead you through a process that meets your objective. You really can arrive at a destination with everyone’s input and buy-in.


When you use a facilitated process, decisions have a 300% greater likelihood of being adopted throughout your organization.

Meeting Design

When you want your conference or symposium to sparkle and leave your attendees feeling like they had an amazing transformative experience, that’s when you want a meeting designer.


I’m an experienced producer and I understand the practicalities of creating and marketing an event experience.

Facilitation Training

Would you like all of your meetings to be more substantive, collaborative and efficient? I can teach you to fix your own meetings.

Logistics & Planning Support

Would you like me to handle everything about the meeting? I can do that too, from finding and booking the venue to negotiating with suppliers to double-checking the billing. I can work with you on the agenda and content for the meetings and also manage the logistics, freeing up countless hours for your team to do the work they need to do to drive your business forward.


I have 15 years experience in meeting planning and logistics, so you are in good hands.


Let’s Talk About How to Make Your Next Meeting Great.




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